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We value traditions. We seek new solutions.
We respect traditions that represent the roots of our profession. At the same time we seek solutions that are dynamic, flexible, practical and meet the expectations of the time. Over the past decade we have gathered extensive professional experience and have become number one trusted partner of our clients. Our creed is that we are big enough to provide our clients with a full range of quality legal services but small enough to do it tailored to their private needs. Our office is situated in the heart of district 5 in Budapest in a building with a hundred year history. Miksa Blitz, commercial councilor, and his wife Malvin Albrecht had it built according to the plans of the two most renowned architects of the era, Sámuel Révész and József Kollár.

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Behind the long robe
Gergely Csépány
attorney at law, office leader

Gergely is the founder of Csépány Law Office. His practice areas are economy law, corporate law and real property law. He founded the office in 2005 whose major profile was general counseling at that time. Feeling the need to adapt to clients’ individual needs, he began to extend his team with the intention to provide his clientele with more extensive professional knowledge. His perfectionism that he expects from himself and members of his team is well reflected in his credo: there are no general solutions; it is always the individual needs that determine tasks, which are to be executed at highest professional level. He has successfully dealt with legal procedures of numerous companies. He has been involved in projects such as real estate developments in Budapest and Lake Balaton area, and has contributed to the establishment and operation of factories starting up as green investments in Pest and Csongrád county. Also, he has been engaged in the foundation process of the Fleet of Balaton and legal procedures concerning the newest underground transport system in Budapest.

Lóránt Varga
attorney at law

Lóránt joined the office as a trainee in May 2007 and became member of the team as a trainee lawyer in July 2007. In the past seven years he has acquired extensive knowledge in corporate law, real property law and in the area of commercial issues and great investments. As a trainee lawyer, in the position of in-house lawyer of small and medium enterprises, he was already responsible for legal tasks concerning company activities such as commercial proceedings, labour law matters or litigation. He has gained broad experience in agreement standards applied by Federation International des Ingenieures Conseils, which have proved successful in Western Europe. Lóránt did his qualifying exam in September 2011 and has been member of Budapest Bar Association since January 2012. He is continuously extending his knowledge. At present he intends to focus on legal issues related to intellectual property law and he is studying national and international tax law as part of a postgraduate course.

trainee lawyer

Ildikó joined the team as a trainee lawyer in May 2011. At present she is doing her compulsory traineeship before her qualifying exam, which she is about to take in the near future, this way making the final step to become a lawyer. In the course of her work she has gained considerable experience in several segments of civil law. Her major practice areas are economy law, corporate law, law of civil associations, real property law, insolvency proceedings (handling claims) and condominium law. Besides legal matters related to everyday activities of companies she wishes to broaden her knowledge in the fields of medical law and international human rights.

Our profile

Full counseling

The main profile of our law office is economy law, which is to say we offer full legal counseling to companies in all the phases of their cycle from the start-up and throughout the company’s activity. We assist our clients on arrangements of agreements and we advise them on the legal background of business decisions, be it a forestalling an investment or a termination of a business activity. We are highly experienced in handling receivables and debt collection. In case of a financial crisis we help companies cope difficulties by providing them with an optional collateral contract system. In order to guarantee the highest quality legal service to our clients, we draw on the expertise of professionals in tax and accounting matters related to the law case. Besides economy law issues, we handle law cases of individuals whether or not they are related to business entities since we believe that trust as a basic motivation of our profession develops between people, even if this trust is mainly reflected in the business operations of a company.

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